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Testing second swagging rights post

Just imagine: You’ve finished an incredible client meeting. They loved your products. They want your services. You shake hands, the meeting ends and you head back to yo...


4 Scary Event Mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Planning an event? This infographic helps you avoid event-planning mistakes that could haunt you. We’ve got several useful tips and event giveaway ideas.

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Useful promotional products to help them declutter and stay organized

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It’s a fact—organization makes life easier. The average person wastes 55 minutes every day looking for items they know they own, but can’t find. That’s almost a d...

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5 promotional product trends for the year ahead

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Impress customers and employees with a product that’s all the rage. Giveaway one of these trendy promotional products any audience will want to own.


Achieve your 2018 marketing goals with these tips and trending promotional products

A new year brings new opportunities. Ring in 2018 with a strong marketing plan with help from the latest tips and trending promotional products.

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Effective Trade Show Planning Part 2 – Start Shopping Around

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Start shopping around and reap the benefits of planning ahead. 3 to 6 months out is ideal for choosing how you’ll promote your upcoming appearance.

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Eco-friendly promotional items offer sustainable style

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When sustainability matters, Alternative® eco-friendly promotional products can make a difference to your marketing efforts, your customers and the planet.

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Make your branding soar with useful travel promotional items

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Travel promotional items are practical and make impressions everywhere they go. Try one of these useful items, and see your promotions take flight.

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Leave a lasting impression with kitchen promotional items

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Kitchens are arguably the most used room of any house. Spice up your marketing campaign and check out these ideas for kitchen promotional items.

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How to tell your story with data

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Regular review of your nonprofit’s data allows better tracking of patterns, trends and successes. Celebrate milestones with these promotional products for nonprofits.